Here at Dripstone we understand how important it is that we communicate with the families about day-to-day routines and information about your child. As a community service we ensure that our families are informed of any changes or projects that are happening at the centre. We believe it allows our families to give feedback and impact decisions that are made.

We provide the following opportunities for communication with our families:

  • Open door policy for families
    Families can call the centre anytime to speak with the Director or their child’s educator. Families are also welcome at the centre any time and are encouraged to provide feedback on the service provided.
  • Detailed feedback
    Our team will ensure to let you know about you child’s day at pick up time. Children’s food intake, liquids and sleeps are documented in each room and easily accessible to parents.
  • Emailed daily reflection
    We know pick-up-time can be busy and sometimes there is not enough time for us to let you know about our day. We email our daily reflection to parents so you can provide input to our curriculum.
  • Online learning journals
    Learning journals are maintained for each child that attends our service. This is done through a secure online forum where you can view your child’s development and learning journey. A great tool for connecting with educators and family.
  • Regular newsletters
    Regular newsletters are sent to inform parents of changes at the centre, staffing updates, centre events and committee information. Centre events are also communicated through our Facebook page.  
  • Parent/Educator nights
    Parent/Educator nights are held twice a year. We encourage any parent who would like time with an educator to let us know and this can be arranged throughout the year.