At Dripstone Children’s Centre we know children learn best through play and when they are given the opportunity to discover what they would like to learn. We view parents as the first and most important educator in a child’s life, followed by the educator. We then look to our environments as a third teacher that we set up our areas to engage and allow children to learn in their own pace, space and time.

Our curriculum is underpinned by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and our educators are active in ensuring we are guided by its principles, practices and outcomes. Our program looks at each child individually and allows parents to communicate current interests from home. Educators recognise and respond to the children’s interests, knowledge, culture and abilities. During play we scaffold children’s learning and extend experiences to continue learning through our planned and spontaneous activities.

Educators document and reflect on children’s learning journeys and experiences and that is shared with the children and the families through our online forum. Each room has a curriculum wall that displays our current program cycle, observations, learning stories. Through our program we aim to provide opportunities where our children can develop outcomes such as:

  • Children can build a strong sense of identity,
  • Can connect and contribute to their world,
  • Opportunities to develop a strong sense of wellbeing,
  • Encourage them as confident and involved learners,
  • Extend and build on communication skills.

We do this through our flexible daily routines that accommodate children’s ever changing needs. They include individual, small group, whole group activities that take place indoor and outdoor as well as areas for rest and relaxation.