Laura Mulready is the Director of Dripstone Children’s Centre. She has worked in the industry for many years and is passionate about early childhood education. Laura believes that communication between families and educators is important and each families input to the centre is valued.

Laura leads a team of dedicated educators who are passionate about children and early childhood education and care.

At Dripstone Children’s Centre you will be greeted by familiar faces when arriving at the centre. We encourage parents during orientation to spend as much time as they as they can at the service so they get to know the educators before their child starts. The centre’s committed and passionate team will ensure that your child is safe, loved and cared for each day.

We recognise the fundamental role that educators have in children’s lives whom they educate and we support staff to be the best they can be. We respect and support our diverse team and actively recognise them.

We offer above award wages and excellent working conditions to attract and retain the best educators to care for your child. The service also encourages and provides extensive training and professional development opportunities for staff in the early learning industry.

Information about our educators can be viewed in the centre office, as well as in each room.