Meal times are not just for filling our bodies with much needed energy, here at Dripstone we use our daily routines to maximise children’s learning and teach them self-help and life skills. On the menu at Dripstone you will find age appropriate and nutritionally balanced meals that have been approved by a dietitian, and exceed the national quality standards. Meals are prepared on-site by our trained chef. Our kitchen is registered as a Food Business with the NT Department of Health and we ensure that our kitchen is hygienic safe and audited regularly.

Children are offered a choice of food at mealtimes, and a vegetarian menu also available. We will ensure that dietary requirements are met, including children with food allergies or special requirements.

Mealtimes include: 

  • Morning Tea:
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon tea
  • Late Snack

Fruit and water are readily available in between meal times.

We educate our children on healthy food options and promote physical activity through planned and spontaneous experiences. Our Munch and Move program aims to educate the children and their families about healthy food choices and getting active.

All of our mealtimes are progressive. Progressive meals are carried out in small groups which provide children with the opportunity to recognise when they are hungry. It also allows the children to be active participants in their routine and allow meaningful opportunities to support hygiene practices, self-help and social skills.

The service has a strict no food from home policy to ensure the safety of children’s with allergies or anaphylaxis.