Here at Dripstone Children’s Centre sustainability is a strong focus of the centre. Sustainability is an imbedded part of our curriculum and our way of life. The centre has leafy and natural surroundings that create wonderful habitats for native wildlife. This has been invaluable to the children attending Dripstone as it helps them to understand and learn the importance of caring for our planet and all those who live here. There are many elements of sustainability that we are working on at the service to ensure that we are reducing our carbon footprint.


Key areas we focus on include:

  • Energy
    We aim to reduce our electricity use. We are currently participating in a CoolMob energy audit of the centre to help further reduce our electricity use. See CoolMob for more information about sustainability living in the tropics!
  • Waste & recycling
    Reduce, reuse, and recycle is promoted throughout the centre. We educate and encourage our families to bring in recyclables to be used for play at the centre.
    Sustainable is also practiced at mealtimes. Left over water is used to water our garden and left over food is given to our chickens, donated to family pets or used in our compost and worm bins.
  • Water
    Water is a vital, valuable and precious resource. We aim to reducing the use of water at the centre.  The gardens are mulched with mulch to reduce water use.
  • Biodiversity
    The centre aims to incorporate biodiversity into the cirruculum. The centre is located on large, treed grounds and we are lucky to have a range of biodiversity of local wildlife visit the centre (frilled necked lizards, orange footed scrub fowls, red tailed black cockatoos). The centre also has a major reventation project to improve the habitat for native wildlife & improve biodiversity at the centre.
  • Climate change
    We aim to reduce our carbon footprint through our practices and educate the generation of tomorrow on how to be part of a sustainable world.
  • Sustainable purchasing
    Were possible, we aim to source and use products that produced sustainably. This is in addition to our
  • Community
    The centre aims to involve the community in sustainability practices. The centre holds a number of garden working bees and events to help educate our children and their community about our natural world, and involve the Dripstone Community. This year we have held two working bees to establish the veggie garden for the year.

Major Environment and Climate change project

Dripstone Children’s Centre is the proud recipient of a 2015 City of Darwin Environment and Climate Change Grant.

The overall aims of the project are to:

  • Re-vegetate the centre with plant native trees, shrubs and grass, to create habitat and food resources for native wildlife.
  • Enrich the nature based learning opportunities for children at the centre
  • Encourage children, family, staff and community participation in the re-vegetation project

So far this year we have hosted a National Tree Day event, inviting the broader community to help us plant over 50 native trees, shrubs and grasses at the centre to create native wildlife habitat.