Young Toddlers

In the Young Toddlers room we cater for children aged from 14 months to two years.
We know what a crucial age this is and make sure we provide the children with a variety of activities to support their growth and development, we believe that the children learn best through equal parts play and flexible learning.

When planning for our children we look at their interests and plan experiences from there. We encourage scaffolding and emergent learning.

We participate in progressive eating for all meal times. Progressive meals are done in a relaxed small group which allows children to recognise when they are hungry and gives time for children to practice self - help skills.

Our classroom is set up in areas to enhance the children’s learning such as family play with a kitchen and table, reading corner with comfy seating, numeracy and literacy area, science and discovery and art. The room is bright and displays the children’s artwork to give them a sense of ownership in the space.

We utilise the verandas at the back and front of our classrooms so we can combine with the nursery and incorporate our indoor-outdoor exploration.

Our playground is at the front of the Centre and set up specifically for our children. It boasts three large veggie and bushtucker patches which the children help tend to. We are also fortunate enough to have chickens in our yard to encourage and support the children in learning about how to care for our environment and animals.

The yard is surrounded by big beautiful native bushland inspired gardens, which the children are invited to explore and we find the odd lizard and other wildlife that creates interest in the area. There is a lot of wide open space to run and enjoy the physical aspects of outdoor play as well as having areas for art and creative play, with quiet spots for when the children would like to relax more.